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Commenced its operation in the year 2019, Itrip company limited was established in Arusha, Tanzania (East Africa). Understanding the significance of journeys, we have made travel only in Tanzania, so we are professional and more experiences in this way. We are new company, but we are also strong foothold in Tanzania and we promote its unique and extensive wildlife. Offering services for adventurous Wildlife Safaris is among our USP’s. We have a 360-degree any to all your travel related questions and problems. Moving ahead with a sole purpose to transform the way of traveling, we are offering unique range of services to our clients. With our smart travel portal, we ensure that our customers have an access to the best-in-class booking technology, smart analytics, worldwide partnerships and impeccable client servicing. We are proud to provide our clients with end-to-end services that allow them to have stress-free travel across the globe. Some of our services include organized planning, hotels and accommodation, corporate travel, car rentals, and insurance. In order to make our services suitable for every customer, we strive to inculcate comprehensive and extensive research, before offering. Our main service: your satisfied, our target finial.

Contact: Ms.Lily Yi
Whatsapp: +255 743 636 968
Skype: ycl138
Wechat: mmi430
Phone: +255 743 636 968
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